Where are 'candle flame' brushes good for?

I’m slowly but steadily developing my brush and figure painting skills. I’m liking flat brushes but I’m wondering what the ‘candle flame’ round paint brushes are best used for. Since they are in my figure painting brush set from MIG and also there are some in my brush arsenal set from MIG. And maybe you can tell me what those semi flat brushes are good for? You know, the ones like the flat brushes. But ‘rounded’ at the tip. Would like to find out.

Can you post a picture of the exact brushes you mean?

Why not do a search with you favourite search engine for “brush shapes and names” and here’s what you’ll also find? :wink:

All About Brushes

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“Candle flame brushes” would seem to be a type of graphic image files that are used in digital graphic designs and photo enhancements.

That is, they have nothing to do with actual painting.

I use the candle-flame as a general purpose brush – typically the smaller sized ones – for painting things like 1:35 figures clothes, where the pointy end helps control edges. The bigger ones are more for artists – I’d use one in a painting to e.g.paint vertical bands of a tree trunk, they tend to hold slightly more paint and apply it more evenly than an equivalent sized flat brush. Those flat ones with the rounded ends…yeah they puzzle me a bit too, on a canvas I might use them for a dab-dab-dabbing effect, but for scale modelling or figures…?

In the end it’s personal preference, try ‘em all & you’ll soon know what works best for you :tumbler_glass:

I am assuming he means round brushes?

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I think by flat brushes with a rounded end he means a filbert- I use them to blend oils sometimes. But I agree- personal preference and experimenting with different brushes is the key.

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Here are two photo’s of the kind of brush I’m referring to.

And these are the other ones I’m referring to.

Also curious to find out what this angled brush is good for.

The angled flat allows you to cover a large area while controlling (limiting) coverage on the longer side.

The candle flame is called a round (as Mead93 mentioned ).

The round brushes are kind of the ‘does it all’ brushes. Depending on the size they can be used for fine detail work if they are small and area coverage if they are large.

A filbert can be used to cover large areas too and it is a decent blending brush.