Which Bradley for Desert Storm

hi folks, i have 3 Bradley’s in my stash and iwas wondering which is the best for Desert Storm a.k.a. Gulf War One.

i seem to remember Gino saying something about the Tamiya ODS version has the wrong tracks for Desert Storm.

I’d go with the bottom one from Tamiya (#35152) released in 1991. The Tamiya “ODS” one has late, post Desert Storm “Big Foot” tracks (just like the Academy one).

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Gino’s Bradley reference thread.

Frenchy is correct, use the straight M2A2 (35152). It is the version used during Desert Storm.

Half way anyways. The Academy M2A2 OIF kit is supposed to be an M2A2 in Iraq in the mid-2000s, but it still has the older triangle block track, which are incorrect for the time period. Additionally, the tracks are molded incorrectly with the triangular pad 180 degrees off.

I should have take a closer look at the box art…Thanks for setting things straight, Gino.


All three extant production versions of the Bradley saw service in Desert Storm. Base model M2 and M3, M2A1 and M3A1, and M2A2 and M3A2 were all seen in Army combat units. All used the original tracks with triangular rubber pads.
The Marines used the LVTP7A1 (later called AAVP7A1) as well as the LAV25 (the 82nd Airborne also borrowed some)

All the above is correct, but it doesn’t answer the original question: which of the three kits shown is correct for ODS? It was answered above as the Tamiya M2A2, kit #35152.

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The bottom is closest. The top and middle look closer to OIF