Which colors for Hawker Hunter?

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I just move out of my armor comfort zone and have bought RoG 1/32 scale Hawker Hunter Mk.58. I plan to build the Swiss version, but I guess they use the same colors as their RAF counterpart. Can anyone recommend the correct colors, preferably Tamiya?

I’d say they were delivered in the standard RAF colours of Dark green and Dark Sea Grey uppers with high speed silver painted lowers. Hunters in service with Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon were also delivered in the same colours. Must be how they rolled out of the factory.
In Humbrol that would be 163 Dark green and 164 Dark Sea Grey. Any silver will do, but this usually appears as a dull aluminium in photos.
Not sure if Tamiya do anything that matches to the Humbrol colours which are match to the RAF shades. Should give you a starting place though.
Have to admit that while I’ve switched to acrylics for most of my builds these days, Humbrol are still my go to for RAF colours.

Hope it helps.

Some equivalents I found on my Hobby Color Converter app.

A couple of Tamiya listed as indirect equivalents. Have no idea how close they are though.

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Tamiya have RAF Ocean Grey (XF-82) and Dark Green (XF-81) in their line. These are the WWII shades and there’s some controversy about whether they changed after the war, but I’ve seen arguments on both sides. So up to you, really.

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The Swiss hunters featured in a The Aviation Historian article recently, well in the last 6 months. They looked to be all over Swiss olive green.

Bottom of this page might help find the TAH article.

TAH Single Issue & Index

If you want something a little different you can go tiger

or Blue and gold:

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Hi Peter,
thanks for this. I don´t know when I will finish this, but its good to know that there are decals out there. :grinning:

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Tamiya also has RAF colors in rattle cans, I use them all the time. Check out Tamiya AS colors, google their chart. I noticed they have RAF dark green AS-30 and RAF ocean gray AS-10. They have many more, have a look.