Which kit would you prefer, 1/35 Dragon upgraded or Tamiya Jagdtiger

Let me know what you pick would be. Thanks

I would always pick Dragon over Tamiya personally. You’ll have to upgrade the Tamiya for vent screens and such anyway.


I’d prefer the Tamiya kit myself, just for ease of assembly, and less chance of frustration with the directions.

To be fair I have to admit I bought most of my Dragon kits quite a while ago, when they still mostly included Magic Tracks, metal barrels, and PE and I got them during the warehouse sale when most were $30. I have a least one of each German vehicle they released, and almost half of those are now OOP.

You won’t likely be so lucky trying to find those kits online for that price now, so that in itself could make Tamiya the more attractive choice.

What about Hobby Boss or Takom? They both make a Jagdtiger. I’d probably take Takom over HB.

You have a few choices if you want to build a Jagdtiger…





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I just bought the Tamiya Jagdpanzer L70A which is a great build and very detailed. I think for accuracy and assembly I’m going Tamiya Jagdtiger with seperate link tracks and photo etch screens and I will be tge Aner barrel. My friend in the model club just built the Takom kit and he said there were several fit issues which he did not run into on the Tamiya kit.

I built the Hobbyboss King Tiger which was excellent I felt.

I bought the Tamiya kit as I enjoy upgrading Tamiya kits as needed.


Tamiya it is.

Tamiya, not another living soul except for some of you and myself will ever see it, as it gathers dust on my garage shelf


I have built a Dragon Porsche with Zimm, and a Tamiya Henschel,I enjoyed the Dragon much more.

I had an old Nichimo kit back in the day. Seeing some of these comments about modern kits is just funny.
But you know I actually enjoyed building the stuff back then.


Having now been a member of these forums for about a year, I can answer this question with some confidence.

The correct solution is to purchase both. Then buy 4 more. Then order after market stuff for three of them. Then buy 3 more on sale, including one you already have but forgot about. Then sell off the two worse ones. Then buy two more because there was another sale. Finally, you need to choose a completely different vehicle and build that instead.