Which M123 for a Dragon wagon

Evening all, I have the conversion for the M15A2 trailer but was wondering if I need the single or double winch version of the M123 tractor. We had one in the first unit I was in in Nam, but I don’t remember which tractor pulled it. Also, if anyone is looking for the Tamiya M26 prime mover, I won’t be using it. Thanks for input. Wayne

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Usually, the dual winch version was used as the tank transporter/recovery vehicle.


As I recall, the information that I have indicates that all of the 10-ton tractors sent to Vietnam were Diesel powered (rather than gas). Further, the information that I have indicates that all the Diesel-powered, dual-winch trucks (M123E2) were owned by the Marines, while the army had single-winch, Diesel-powered trucks (M123A1C).
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David Doyle


Appreciate the responses guys. I remember we had 1 guy who drove that rig exclusively, but he also pulled the M172 trailers also, so wasn’t sure if his tractor was different, or not. We were the support company of the battalion, so we had the assorted oddball stuff, like the trenching machine, asphalt and concrete, and 3rd shop. He used it to haul the big 290 scraper tractors when they broke down. Would love to see a kit of one of those, either the Clark 290 or the Cat 830! Wayne