Which manufacturer makes the best Jagdtiger in 1/35

I know Takom Dragon and Tamiya make one. Which is the best out there and thanks for the help.


What do you consider most important in a model kit? There are manufacturers like Dragon & Hobby Boss that have Jagdtiger kits too.

Easy of build?

While I haven’t built any Jagdtiger kits except the 1970’s original Tamiya one, I think Dragon has the best overall Jagdtiger kits. My opinion is heavily based on what I’ve seen at model contests that’s built up nice for others, owning most of the kits at various points, comparisons plus reviews like the following:

Perth Military Modelling Reviews: Dragon Jagdtiger dr6285

My personal choice for what I’m going to eventually build is the new tooled Tamiya Jagdtiger. I’ve built enough complex kits that I found the simplicity, quality instructions and ease of building of the Tamiya kit far more important (to me) than anything else. Cost is no issue. I’ve had the Takom JT kit (given away) and various Dragon JT’s (traded or sold them all), for me the keeper was the Tamiya Jagdtiger kit…but I’m not really into JT’s.

Your mileage may vary based on what you seek in a Jagdtiger kit.


You also need to decide if you want an early model Porsche Jagtiger with Zimm or a later model with Henschel suspension.

I built the early with Zimm by Dragon #6493, a really nice build,I love Dragon German armor.And I also built the Tamiya Henschel version,also very nice,but less detailed.

As mentioned,its up to your priorities in a kit.


I have the updated dragon kit but the new Hobby Boss Jagdtiger looks pretty sweet. Their King Tiger is beyond accurate and awesome.


I would say the best is the Takom/Blitz kit.


Do tools in Takom Jagdtigers have molded tool clamp handles?

My eyesight and manual dexterity have fallen below the threshold necessary to assemble etched brass tool clamps.

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I just picked up the hobby boss one. It looks great! I think it’s a nice mix of ease of build and detail

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For the most bang for your buck, you can’t beat the Takom Blitz kits. The “fit issue” of the casemate front has been grossly over exaggerated and just requires a simple trim. The rest of the kit is simply outstanding and you can’t beat the price.
@Damraska Yes Doug, the Takom kits have molded tool clasps.

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I’ve built the Tamiya and thoroughly enjoyed it, was one of the first ones I built when I got back to the hobby. Done a couple of Takom Blitz kits and wasn’t a fan so if I wanted to build another one, I’d go Tamiya I think. Metal tracks, metal barrel, resin exhausts and some PE, I think it would build up nicer than me getting angry with the sprue gates on Takom or undergoing a mental examination with the Dragon.

If Meng or RFM or Tiger Models produced one I’d buy it for sure.

The Tamiya was I think the third or fourth model I ever did as an adult, three years ago now and obviously my weathering and so on has improved but I liked the way I managed to desaturate the colours and the light chipping. Tracks were my first foray into pigments, first time i (over)used wet look oil, and I was happy with them at the time. Lots of mistakes and errors now, seam lines all over the place, body join on the lower hull is a huge gap, decals are horrendous, the airbrushing is embarrassing hahaha, some really basic stuff with hindsight but I learned a lot. Hope you guys like it.