Which PLA ZTZ 99A kit? Unfamiliar with the kit manufacturers

I am looking to get a PLA ZTZ 99A Chinese MBT. Bronco, Panda and Hobby Boss makes this kit. I have not built any kits from these companies. If you have any experience with these kits or companies can you give some advice on which companies kit to go with? Accuracy and fit are important. Cost is not an issue.


I built Bronco’s ZTZ 99A1 years ago and posted a how to on the archived Armorama site, which you may be able to find. There were a few glitches in the kit, like having to move the turret forward, but I was able to fix them. I even show how to correct the little circular markings on it using a heated hypodermic needle. So - accuracy so-so, but fixable. Fit was very good.

I did a first look review on the Panda kit back in 2016 and found it to be a great kit and still have the opinion that it was one of the best builds. link to review: Armorama :: Panda Hobby 1:35 ZTZ-99A Review
I stated the the barrel was a bit of a let down but looking at the model as I type the barrel isn’t a big disappointment. The painting instructions for the digi cam layout was good but it listed the same number for all the different colours and from memory I used FS34102 for the base green, for the dark green it was either XF11 JN Green or XF 26 Deep Green for the lighter brown I used a mix of 75% Humbrol 61 + 25% Model Masters Wood (but if I ever have to repaint I would use Revell 35 neat) and I cannot recall what I used for the Dark Brown. Having said that AK interactive do a PLA paint set #AK4240 which I plan to use on the Panda ZBD-04A.
and here is a review and build log: Armorama :: Panda Hobby 1:35 ZTZ-99A Review
Also here is link to some sprue shots of Hobby Boss’ kit: Hobby Boss - PLA ZTZ-99A Main Battle Tank
Boarder Models have announced a kit 【边境 BT-022】新品:1/35 中国ZTZ99A主战坦克_静态模型爱好者--致力于打造最全的模型评测网站

I haven’t built these kits, but beware that what Bronco calls ZTZ-99A is a ZTZ-99 with additional armour, that is not the same of what is ZTZ-99A that is represented in the kits of Panda and the most recent of Hobbyboss. The proportions of these versions aren’t the same, the Bonco kit and early Hobbyboss kits represent different variations of the old, flatter ZTZ-99, while the newer ZTZ-99A has a taller shape.
A new kit of ZTZ-99A, new model, was announced by Meng and could be particularly good but expensive.
I’ve built an old kit of ZTZ-99 with pixel camouflage of Hobbyboss, bought cheap, and was reasonably satisfied with it, but i suppose that the new kit of Hobbyboss, representing the newer A version, is not only modified in shape but also improved in details.
I have the kit of the ZTZ-99A of Panda still to build, I can’t say much on this but it seems honest.
If you build the pixel camouflaged ZTZ-99A, I suggest to observe the shades of brown on photos of the original: I think to have seen two different browns on the hull and one, baricentrical between the two, on the turret.

Thank you guys for your advice. I know the taller turret was due to the space needed for the 140mm gun they are working on.

In my opinion the first two ( Bronco and Panda should be done with experience assemblers). Hobby Boss isn’t as diffecult.