Which RLM 79?

Have an Me-109E-7B planned. Ease of access is pointing at Mig’s 0222 as my choice for the upper surfaces. Is that the darker, later shade? Was looking at Vallejos 70.876 , but on my puter it looks too pinkish. Aircraft will be 7/ ZG-1s S9+ DR in Aug. 42. Not sure when it got to NA, but I presume by mid/late 42 it was the later color. (besides the starboard wing that is)

Here’s an add on… S9+DR had a replacement wing that was left RLM02/71.Question: What was the underside of the wing? RLM 65 or 78? I’d thinkthat seeing the upper wing was not repainted the lower side wasn’t either. Also, where was the seam line where the lower wing attached to the fuselage?

I would think that is correct. they wouldn’t paint just the underside not sure about your other questions. need to know when the rlm 79 changed too.

Only reference I find is the early RLM 79 was listed as 41-42 frame. The second , darker version for 42-44. Cant find the info on the Luftwaffe directives for the dates.