Which SBS upgrades/conversions for Tamiya T-72 go together?

Background: I have two Tamiya T-72’s, the kit has some issues. If I have understood it correctly it is a matter of mismatched features.
SBS have some conversions/correction sets so I need to match them with each other.

  1. This first one already has the SBS-Model 35003 (T-72M early turret), bought some years ago.

I think I need SBS-Model 35006 (the early front glacis) to match this turret

  1. The other Tamiya T-72 also needs a new purpose in life, still waiting for a conversion of some type.
    I have been thinking about this:

Would that also need the early glacis, 35006?

What about the T72A?

Needs early glacis?

Looking for advice …

Some manufacturer has announced a T-72 Ural so there is no point i getting that, Trumpeter has a bunch of other versions so duplicating those is pointless.

My question is: Which of them belong together?

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You may want to check out the Das Werk/Amusing Hobby T72M. It can be had for very reasonable price and would probably be less expensive than all the AM stuff you would need. I just finished it recently and it was a hassle free build. It’s billed as a 3in1 kit. Build my as an East German machine. Good Luck.

Does this mean that your workbench is finally cleared of household items in need of repair and you’re going to start building again? Or are you just adding to the infinite stash?

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Making sure the boxes in the stash are complete so that I don’t regret not buying things when they have become unavailable. Replacing soft tracks for hard stuff, swapping out soft vinyl tyres (I just rescued a Takom VW bus where the effing vinyl tyres were making impressions on the inside of the cab). Making sure that the planned conversion sets are in place et.c.

Just remember, No plan survives contact with the enemy. :grin: :grin:


The interior parts come with a cost and I already have that Tamiya kit sitting there looking lonely …
A turret or maybe a turret + glacis would be cheaper than the Amusing Hobby kit (and that turret has some minor issues as well) If I remember correctly only one of the possible versions are correct/complete.
It was discussed here earlier, I think it was when the kit was released.

Found it:

True …

The kit I have is the Das Werk offering which does not have the interior. I surmise it’s the Amusing Hobby kit without the interior parts.

Yes, it is indeed the interior kit without the interior.
That would get me a T-72 M so the Tamiya kit could become an M1 using

Options always a good thing. :grin: :grin:

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