Which section of Armorama?

Hi Gents,
Ok, genuine question. I’m a bit confused as to where things should be posted. Namely the ‘Afv Figures’ and the‘Diorama’ sections. Now, if a subject has figures, a vehicle and some sort of structure (building), then it’s a diorama and it’s pretty obvious where it goes. But, if there’s only say, figures and a vehicle, does it become a vignette? If so, then which section does it go in? Likewise, if there’s just figures and scenery, is that classed as just figures and goes in the‘Figures’ section? 2 or more figures… Does it go by the size of the layout? Very confused here by something which should be simple. Would love some help here. Thanks Gents.

It doesn’t really matter. There is no hard rule as to which section to put it in. It is really up to you where you want it to go.

For me, if it is figures and a vehicle, it would be best in the Diorama section. If it is just figures on a base, it would go in the Figures section.

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It depends on what You intend it to be.
One tank with all hatches closed
One tank with commander in one hatch
One tank with driver and commander
One tank with driver, commander, loader and gunner
All of the above feels like a tank to me, even if it includes four figures

One car, driver doing his business behind a bush, enemy sneaking around in a nearby ditch.
Vignette or diorama even if it is one vehicle with only two figures.

The fully manned tank is only a tank and could be anywhere while the driver about to shot at by the enemy tells a story.

Sometimes a distinction is made between a vignette and a diorama such that the diorama tells a story while the vignette “only” displays a number of objects without telling a story.
Two soldiers standing by a car/truck/tank doesn’t really tell a story. A civilian giving flowers to a passing Sherman tank tells a story. Making that distinction is difficult. Will a diorama that fails to tell the story suddenly turn into a vignette? Would that turn vignettes into some kind of ‘failed diorama’?

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Thanks Lads, that’s a bit clearer now.