Which variant of the T-72 is this?

I am not to deep into Soviet tanks. I wonder which version of the T-72 MBT is this:

Zaloga describes it as T-72G. But I can find nothing on Scalemates. The turret looks like Trumpeters T-72M, but the kit lacks the fire extinguisher(?) below the commanders cupola.
Is there any AM turret for this variant?
Happy New Year.

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It’s a T 72M

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T 72 G is an outdated designation for the M.

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East Germany / DDR only had M’s at that stage, as far as I am aware.

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I am not sure but I think the “fire extinguisher” is a container for signal flags.

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Thanks guys, I was almost expecting it. So Trumpeters T-72 M will be one of my 2024 projects.

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According to “Panzer der NVA” by Motorbuch Verlag, NVA had at least 3 types of T-72. Starting with T-72 Ural in 1978, then T-72M from 1981 and finally T-72M1 from 1987 on. they also had several T-72K command versions.

This is another option:

Medium tank T-72M, Das Werk DW35032 (2022) (scalemates.com)

It can built as the version in the photo - without the smoke grenade launchers but with the side skirts.

I think the photo’s has much thicker turret armor than the DW kit?

Hmm, no, I don’t think so. The T-72M had the same basic turret shape as the original T-72 Ural, but minus the coincidence rangefinder. The T-72M1 had the thicker turret armour, but the photo is an M and not an M1 so the DW kit should be good.

Out of the box I think this is the best thing to do with Tamiya’s version, as it was based upon a lesser seen variant offered to the DDR.

I’m going to disagree with you.
Look how thick the front of the armor is at the turret.
I don’t see the DW’s M1 being this thick.

It’s not thickened. The turret faces in the picture above are sloped, like the Ural’s turret. You can see from the angle of the NVA insignia.

The thicker T-72M1 / T-72A’s turret faces are closer to the vertical. They also have a horizontal notch on the lower edge like in this picture:

T-72m1_main_battle_tank_Russian_Russia_army_004.jpg (768×612) (armyrecognition.com)

DW’s kit is a T-72M. Amusing make the T-72M1 with the thicker turret.