White Camouflage Covers

I have these figures on my bench: 1/35 Resin Soviet Scouts 2 Figures unpainted unassembled 2357 | eBay

OK, Chinese pirate copies, but I couldn’t find originals. But I notice on the illustration that there is a bit of dark contrast on the painted figures, even though from photographs I’ve seen there was little if any. Is the contrast simply for artistic purposes?

Someone has (over) applied this or some similar rule:

When the figure is displayed under different lighting conditions than those imagined when painting it will look rather odd but that is just my opinion …

Perhaps this was done on purpose so that we can see how detailed the figure is. Like you see “simulated picture” on old advertisements for color televisions, or photographs of food products which say “enlarged to show detail”. So the customers won’t get the idea they are buying poorly-detailed products.

Those figures are beautiful, nice sculpting and detail. Yes they sometimes exaggerate the highlights and shadows to show off the detail of the figures.

I have then in hand, so yes, you are right.

Could be …