"White Natural Versatile Plastic." ... This is not your Father's Styrene!

Hello all! Thought I’d share a little experience…
So after hours of searching the ‘ShapeWays’ site, I found close to exactly what I was looking for — the item would just need some simple modification, or so I thought…

Upon receiving said item, I got out my tools and began to go at it. The 3D printed part looked great even given a bit of texture. But after about an hour of failed cutting attempts with my finest most delicate razor-saw, my not so finest, snips, pliers and high-speed Dremel, I was beginning to lose my patience. I ultimately cracked through but was left with an unsightly hairy mess which I found nearly impossible to sand or grind away.

As it was, and befitting the title of “cheapskate,” I had opted for the “White Natural Versatile Plastic” (see below) … “Versatile Plastic”… sounds good to me! :thinking:

Think I found my Kryptonite! :boom::hammer:

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Yup - the only SW material for our hobby is the Fine Detail Plastic. The “Versatile” rubbish is just powdered nylon that does not play well with modelling tools…



:upside_down_face: :rofl::rofl::rofl: