"White Natural Versatile Plastic." ... This is not your Father's Styrene!

Hello all! Thought I’d share a little experience…
So after hours of searching the ‘ShapeWays’ site, I found close to exactly what I was looking for — the item would just need some simple modification, or so I thought…

Upon receiving said item, I got out my tools and began to go at it. The 3D printed part looked great even given a bit of texture. But after about an hour of failed cutting attempts with my finest most delicate razor-saw, my not so finest, snips, pliers and high-speed Dremel, I was beginning to lose my patience. I ultimately cracked through but was left with an unsightly hairy mess which I found nearly impossible to sand or grind away.

As it was, and befitting the title of “cheapskate,” I had opted for the “White Natural Versatile Plastic” (see below) … “Versatile Plastic”… sounds good to me! :thinking:

Think I found my Kryptonite! :boom::hammer:

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Yup - the only SW material for our hobby is the Fine Detail Plastic. The “Versatile” rubbish is just powdered nylon that does not play well with modelling tools…



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However, not to spoil the pun here, but the Evergreen Styrene plastic strips ARE exactly what you are looking for!

Just the right mix of strength and flexibility with a near perfect formulation to work well with the popular glue/solvents.

The new white Plastrut material is every bit as good as the Evergreen but I find it not to be a dimensionally correct as the Evergreen.

Many have disagreed with me on the above but I have found it to be true in several cases.

I got a couple of that “White Versatile Plastic” crap models from Shapeways. They had a texture like coarse garnet sandpaper. Trash!! :rage:
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I stay away from “WVP”; I ordered a chassis for a lightsaber build (it’s complicated) and the stuff was trash. Had to throw away the chassis and walk away from that build.

When i order anything from Shapeways, I go with the Smooth Fine Detail Plastic (when available). It’s pricier, but it’s worth it.



The rear bustle rack and barrel travel lock on my M51 Sherman build were made of Smooth Fine Detail Plastic.


It took paint real well and came out great; though it will benefit from a light sanding to remove the molding marks.


I did the same when I upgraded the AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV to the DVH variant.

The DVH update includes a new nose, lower front glacis and rear fuel cells (everything that is visible).



Compare to this finished kit without the DVH upgrade (not my build).