Whitewashed FW-190

Im looking to build this kit in whitewash,would you say that the whitewah is hastily applied field paint job or a factory finish,the box art and instructions seem to show a more factory type finish,but im not sure.
Any help appreciated.

As an assumption I would say it’s a well applied whitewash from the unit in the field or hanger…
Does it say where that particular aircraft was stationed ? It looks very even from the box art … But that could just be artistic licence from the art designer ??

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Hi Anthony , most ref photos and captions I have , show solid white color to have been factory applied .
The tip off for field applied would be standard factory applied aircraft color with white washed breakup patterns or squiggly line type of thing .
Basically you can’t miss on either scheme .


Field applied .

images (3)


Yes, they look good thank you.