Who carries Leo 2A4 barrel for Meng?

Looking for a source here in the US.

MicroWorld (MD) has the RB barrel gun but no kit listed. 1/35 120mm Rh-M-120 L/44 Barrel for Leopard 2 A1 to A4

M&M (Chicago) carries Leopard workshop barrels just not the one for Meng but Revell and Hobbyboss. I am sure they can be made to fit.


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Leopard Workshop do one for Meng 2A4

They do but who here has it?
Maybe M&M can order one on their next order?

I call or email M&M and ask them. They are only US distributors I know about. You could ask @Michael_Shackleton the Leopard Workshop owner if he knows of any other US distributors.

M&M haven’t ordered any Leopard Workshop stock for a very long time.
Trackjam Models in Canada is the only other N American outlet.
Failing that, order directly from Leopard Workshop. It is no problem at all ordering from the UK. I send all over the world.
Best reagrds
Michael Shackleton
Leopard Workshop