Who got the Accurate Miniatures molds?

Pretty much what the title says. I’m specifically interested in the Mustang Mk.I and the SBD-2 Dauntless, but I liked all their kits and am interested who is reissuing them now.

I think Accurate Minatures is still alive and kicking. They have some of their kits sold as reboxed & relabeled by other companies. The kits can still be found in the AM box on ebay from time to time.

Please see link for history or of reboxing of…

accurate-miniatures-mk-1a-mustang - scale mates

I think they technically might still exist but not in way most modelers would think of when we ask if a company is still alive.

Found this article which may be dated.

Academy and Italeri are two that seems to rebox the plastic. Use scalemates to find the reboxing.

I am basically an armor guy. But I have built a couple of AM planes over the years and enjoyed the builds. Those molds will resurface somewhere I hope. Who ever ends up with them I hope they maintain the quality of Accurate Miniatures !

Accurate Miniatures tooling is in the hands of Academy. Ditto for any Hobby Craft tooling.

Yes, academy has most the molds. In these pictures

The Academy B-25 and Academy Dauntless are the AM molds. I love the accurate miniatures kit, just finished up their avenger and it was very enjoyable with an excellent fit. As you can see I have another one and I’m excited to build it


Yes, the Academy SBD-2 kit is the former Accurate Miniatures model. Very nice, too.

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Glad the molds live on. Thank you!

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What about some Italeri reissues?

You can also routinely find AM kits on EBay and the local hobby stores in my area often have a couple on consignment

You can use the scalemates website to see which AM kits were reboxed by other companies.