Who here models on vacation/holiday?

The wife and I are off on a road trip for a couple months. As I was packing some essential model tools and a new kit, I was curious if anyone else models on vacation. Now I’m in an RV so that certainly lends itself to hobby time. If we were in Hawaii for a couple weeks I may pass…but not 100% sure though.

If I stay home on vacation/ holiday I almost always do but never if we go away although I’ll bring a modeling book or magazine ( often times an Osprey book) with me to read at night before bed if I’m not to tired or drunk lol.


Typically I don’t. The last trip I did have known downtime (key ingredient for bringing) so I did bring a kit. My at home frequent tools are in a portable container so it makes it easier as I used to working out that at home and our monthly club build nights.

Painting was the only barrier. With a portable airbrush compressor now, once I make a to go container for that I would more then likely take it with me.

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No,I never took stuff to model away from home,too many opportunities for disasters I think,my trips are usually 4-8 days with a lot going on.
Staycations or if people are staying with me,then yes.


I have never modeled away from home except many years ago when visiting my parents in Fla.
My brother in law ( rabid armor builder) visits with us every year at the end of July and he brings a kit to work on as we traditionally have a building session together while he’s here .


Yes all the time,
Out on the canals, and hotels.


I love that set up…my wife is a professional artist and she thought the canvas across from you was quite impressive. I often build while my wife paints, we share studio space so it’s nice.


I do. When I visit my family in Texas, I always head up to Hobbytown USA up in Hurst, TX and see what they have. If nothing else, I take a Tamiya kit with me.

I built two kits the last time I was with family, I built a Tamiya M3 Stuart and a Tamiya Wespe.


Here’s the Stuart; took me all of a day to put it together with some borrowed tools from my brother.


In full retirement. Everyday is vacation/holiday! :wink:


She is just starting the colours first coat, when picture taken,

This ones not showing the glint of gold


What about tweezer launch if the open like that?!

I take the parts off in the bags, large parts not a problem outside.

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I usually pack a fairly simple plastic kit and some basic tools (knife, tweezers, sanding stick, sprue cutters, and glue).

Since I’m a bit of a night owl, I’ll built kits in the hotel bathroom after everyone else has gone to bed.

During our last trip to the beach, I found myself building an M151 on the sand. Plenty of natural light! lol.

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My wife and daugher and I vacationed in Hawaii a few years ago. It was a “working” vacation for me. Trust me, the last thing I wanted to do was build a model. I rented a Sportster. We hiked or snorkeled nearly every day. I introduced them to shave ice. (I lived there as a kid) We had a Luau at Germaine’s, considered the best, and ate every other kind of food imaginable. We also hit the hula bowl flea market, which is way better than it sounds. They also visited the zoo and the palace and several other things while I worked my shift, which consisted of escorting my German and Australian Navy counterparts to different locations to check out spalling on the docks and other things for about an hour. Then we ate. Our guide was a Major in the Army of Japanese descent. So we ate well for lunch every day.
So no, I never once thought about modeling for two whole weeks. Before we left for Hawaii my wife did an area study that would put a Special Forces SODARS to shame.

My lesson learned: If I let my wife plan a trip, there are too many interesting things to do and see, although I did throw some business to a hobby place near Branson, MO again two weekends ago. I always like to suppoort ther brick and mortar places with a purchase.


This is absolutely fantastic!

Our vacation time is too focused to allow for model building.

However, visiting my elderly mom for several weeks at a time is another story. I’ve spent nearly half of the year visiting and so assembled four models at her home this year. Build time is normally after she goes to bed.


Took a weeklong trip to Montana with the MC. Too many things to do to even think about modeling, although I did check the site a couple of times. Didn’t really miss much.

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Ive been on the road three weeks and ive only had two down days to model. Its nice to glue stuff together when i can.