Who let the Bulldogs out?

Building 1/35 M41 Walker Bulldogs tanks of the Lebanese Armed Forces

Kit and aftermarket products used for this project:

  • AFV CLUB AF35S41 M41G (NATO) (Ex-Skybow)
  • AFV CLUB AF35041 U.S. M41A3 Walker Bulldog
  • AFV CLUB AF35046 M41 Walker Bulldog T91E3-Track
  • Star Decals 35C1279 Sherman & Firefly in Lebanon

Paints and Pigments used:

  • Tamiya Acrylic Paints
  • MR Hobby Aqueous Color
  • AK Real Colors
  • Winsor & Newton Oil Colours
  • 502 Abteilung Oil Colors
  • Conté à Paris Soft Pastels

Sources and documents which helped me building this project

News agencies photo archives end social medias.


Both AFV Club M41 kits, one of them is an ex-Skybow kit. Both of them got a good amount of details letting the vehicles look quite realistic. I won’t use AFV Club mud guards as this variant wasn’t in use with Lebanese M41 tanks. The ex-Skybow got the required mud guards type to represent a Lebanese vehicle.


I use the U.S. Light Tank M41 Walker Bulldog Type 91E3 Workable Track Link from AFV Club, which comes out to be easy building and gives out a realistic touch.


I sprayed MR Hobby Aqueous Color H309 as a base coat


Adding a top coat of AK RC013 Off White with a touch of light grey to one of the two tanks.


Weathering the sprockets and idler wheels


One of the two M41 is now done, it’s the one used in 1969 by the Lebanese Army during clashes at the borders.

I hope to finish the second tank this coming week…


very nice one!!!

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This gives me ideas for my Bulldog!

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These look great!

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