Who makes.1/72 B-24D with ball turret?

I’m looking to do a D model B-24 and want to do one with a ball turret. I want to be sure I go with a kit that least has it as an option. Anyone know of a kit that definitely has it? I’ve been looking at the Academy-Minicraft kits but do they all have the ball turret option?


Firstly Welcome.

Scalemates is your friend for this.

Academy, Italeri, Minicraft all the same kit no ball turret
Hasegawa, Eduard (re-box Hasegawa with extras) no ball turret
Revell OLD kit from 1989 yes ball turret

The ball turret parts are included in the Hasegawa B-24D kit #E58/00558 (for instance) : parts F1 x 2, F19, F20, Q14 x 2, Q21 x 2 and R29


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Thanks for the correction H.P. I looked at the instructions which show it built without the turret but not the parts.

In fact I had read on another forum that the Hasegawa B-24D kits included all the turret options, so I just checked out the instructions and compared them the B-24J ones… :wink:


I had this kit with the ball turret a J not a D though-kit 1694…go to Scalemates and look at the instructions. Steal it’s turret for a D kit? LOL
Screenshot 2024-01-28 at 12-32-38 Consolidated Vultee B-24J Liberator Academy_Minicraft 1694 (1990)

Looking at various Academy kit instructions, it looks like the ball turret halves are on a clear sprue with the nose turret, and the belly plate with the turret hole is on the sprue with the nose halves for the turret nose versions. Glass nose kits have a different clear sprue without the ball turret, and a different nose sprue with has the covered belly plate. You only get the sprues for the version you’re making.

Thanks all. Looks like it’ll have to be the Hasegawa kit.