Who makes the best 1/35 flak 88 with limber

Hi all in your opinions who makes the best Flak 88mm with limber. Accuracy and ease of assembly are what I’m looking for first and foremost.
Thanks in advance

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Don’t think you can find both of those in one kit.

The most accurate, but a harder build is probably the AFV Club kit.

The easiest to build, but not most accurate is probably Tamiya’s.

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There is also Dragon and Bronco, but as mentioned you aren’t going to get ease and accuracy together. The 88 is not an easy build even for the old Tamiya kit compared to other kits.

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The Tamiya 1/35 8.8cm Flak 36/37 was initially released in 1972. It’s best considered a fun nostalgia build. I had fun building one in the late 1980’s. It would take a lot of research and work to bring it up today’s standards in my opinion.

Perth Military Modelling had an excellent list of reviews on Flak 8.8’s to help with deciding. Tamiya, Dragon & AFV are discussed in different reviews.

Brief compare of some Dragon parts vs much older Tamiya kit pretty much says it all. From Perth Military Modelling for discussion only.


Border Models has a new ~2022 release injection molded kit. It maybe worth researching build reviews.

Border is hit and miss with research and accuracy so due diligence is wise. Their Pz IV kits are mostly good. Their Stug III kits according to the aficionados are bad.

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Yep. I have to agree.

As you only say “flak 88” it is quite an open question…

  • If you want a Flak 18, AFV Club as Gino has answered
  • If you want a Flak 36/37, I would go for Dragon
  • if you want a Flak 41, Bronco is an excellent kit.

Tamiya is definitively a big step behind these, it “looks” like a Flak 36/37 but that’s it.

I have built both the AFV Club 18 and Bronco 41 and, while not easy, they are outstanding and do not need much to improve


In building the Dragon and the AFV Club kits of the Flak 88, I was stymied on how to paint the dials on both sides of the mount which I assume are for range and elevation and such. I have not found any good color pictures. Were they black with white markings or white with black numbers or something else. Any of you have any thoughts on this?


This photo walk round shows some dials with white on black. Not sure if they are accurate or if it is the correct gun but it may help.



Thanks, these are the best pix I’ve seen of detail. I wish models and even sights this one would label what it is we are seeing or putting together.