Who's got the best Hind?

Couldn’t resist that title. I’m just finishing up my 1/48 Hasegawa AH64A Apache helicopter; I’ve had a blast building it and despite the age of the tooling the finished product looks darned good. I haven’t built a chopper in over a decade. Now I’m tempted to build it’s Russian counterpart. I’ve read some not-so-positive things about the new Zvezda kit, and wasn’t that impressed with an article I saw. I’m looking for some feedback on which 1/48 scale kit Hind kit is the best one out there; I look for great fit and nice detail; if a few rivets are missing I won’t sweat it. Thanks!

Only two real choices in 1/48 are the Monogram or Zvezda. While missing rivets, I think the Zvezda is better because it has the Hind twist in it that the Monogram kit doesn’t have and it’s difficult to add it in.

I think the 1/72 Zvezda kits are the best hinds on the market.


I don’t want to hijack the thread, but can you elaborate on what the Hind twist is? Never come across that and I’m guessing it’s not the Soviet answer to Chubby Checker!

Behind the cockpit, the fuselage is not in-line all the way back. The fuselage is twisted 2 1/2 degrees to starboard about where the engines are. It has something to do with countering the rotor torque.

This image shows it pretty well.


Thanks. You know I have never noticed that before and if I’d seen that on a kit I would have bent it straight!
We have a Hind on display in the UK at the Helicopter Museum in Somerset and I have crawled all over that thing on family holidays and never spotted it.

I must say that I’m surprised at the lack of kit choices of this iconic aircraft. Both the Apache and Hind are simply badass and cool as hell. Thanks for pointing out the twist thing; I would have thrown it into a kettle of hot water like a lobster to try to fix it.

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Until Ken Duffy took the photo I am lots of people said the same thing. Now that I have seen it, I cannot unsee it.

With the Monogram kit, the rotor hits the tail. CMK made a plug to extend the tail but the issue is in the rotor. Link



Same problem with the early Cobra models. The helo demographic is underserved in many ways.

But you do have the Hind in the three major scales with molds within the last ten years.

I think weather reporter Yanet Garcia should be considered.

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I don’t think she has the fuselage twist though. I’ll have to take a closer look before I can tell for sure. :grin:

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Thanks for ending my thoughts about getting the 1/35 Hind from Trumpeter. It doesn’t seem to have this twist and now that I am aware of it …

It does not. Otherwise, it is very nice though.

DSC01696 (Small)

DSC01172 (Small)

Yup, Zvezda´s Hind is more accurate kit as Monogram. But have lack of rivets and flat cockpit panel… But many AM sets and decals are on market today… In compare with Hawa Apache looks little obsolete -and this is Hawa oldest kit ! In Q4/2021 Eduard prepare a L.E. with Zvezda plastic and their own AM (resim, P.E, decals) as “Hind in Czechoslovakian/Czech service”, probably with book in box. Probably was here a many NATO Tiger Meet Markings… Their 1/72 L.E. on the same theme was very nice and have resin parts for “D” version.

I was thinking Sophia Vergara had the best Hind… :thinking:


I was thinking J-Lo has the best be-Hind! Doesn’t even need a twist! :woozy_face:

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Do you really think you can get a J lo hind from zeveda?

Now there’s a kit that will sell a million copies world wide

somebody has a full rivet package out for the Zvezda Hinds. Don’t remember who it is, but supposed to be very good