Why Doesn't Hobby Boss Make an M46 Patton?

I thought there was little difference between that and the M26A1 Pershing, so they could add the extra parts and have a new kit to sell without extra engineering.

Because of the way the M26 kit is designed and the sprue layout.

The need to make new molds for the hull, the engine deck, the rear hull. And the way the M26 parts are distributed on the sprues they will have to make completely new molds actually.

M26A1 sprues and what needs to be changed:

That’s one on me, thanks.

M26A1 in the center, M46 on the right

M46 engine deck and rear plate

Note the position of the sprocket and added tension wheel

M26A1 engine deck and rear plate

Compare the lower position of the sprocket and no tensioning wheel behind the rear road wheel


Someone did make an M46, many years ago, it’s in my stash somewhere. I remember buying it at a toy store sale for five dollars. Given its age, the detail is probably not anywhere near today’s standard. Don’t know if any contemporary manufacturers offer one. I’m sure the more knowledgeable readers of this forum would know.

Dragon has released one and it was rereleased by cyber-hobby too. It is a decent kit. The cyber hobby kit had DS tracks with styrene guide teeth. In my kit the DS tracks dissolved, I should have removed them from the plastic bags they came in (DS tracks react with the plastic of the bags, remove them from those and also avoid the tracks contacting the sprue bags. I store them in the instructions).



Takom has also released a M46 twice


I’ll bet that was the ancient Lindberg M46 kit… :open_mouth:

Sounds right, my thought process was to rebuild it as an M26 (no kit existed at the time). Fortunately, sanity prevailed and I dropped that idea.

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I tried the same project of that Lindberg M46 to M26… there was a how to article in an early issue of FSM. It was way beyond my skills at that time, and that is the only kit that I’ve ever thrown away without completing… plus Dragon came out with their M26 kits not too long after I started and sidelined mine…

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