Why Doesn't Rye Field Make The T-34/76?

There is certainly the market, and the only models now in existence are very old and dated kits. Besides, isn’t the major difference between the T-34/85 and its predecessor the turret?

While I think it would do well, Border and Zvezda both released a 76 kit in the last few years that both look pretty good.

This border kit can be built as the T-34E with spaced armor or the T-34/76. It comes with some really nice features like photo etch, a metal barrel, and a wood box and the plastic extremely nice


Good grief, so many model companies I never even heard of!

Border is a fairly new kid on the block but their kits are really nice. The border T-34 is probably the nicest looking kit in the box after my RFM tiger

Depending upon which year the T-34/76 was produced, and by which factory, there are numerous detail differences in the hulls between the T-34/76 and T-34/85. Also the steel only road wheels will only be found on the T-34/76, as well as the earlier type tracks.
It’s like comparing an early M4 or M4A1 Sherman to the 76mm gun T23 turreted types. Lots of changes happened for both production and battlefield reasons.

AFV Club makes an early T34 76 with an interior. If you have the single large hatch open, an interior is nice.

The cartel won’t allow it.


Turret ring is smaller for the 76 version.