Why not 1/ 144th scale

I am wanting to build a WW2 destroyer. 1/350 seems a bit small. Great for a battleship but kinda small for a destroyer. It would seem 1/144th or 1/200th scale would be a good size for detail but not so large as to be a space hog. However, there are not many around (small selection). Is it because everyone wants a uniform 1/350th?

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Probably… although 1/200 is growing in selection. For smaller surface ships like destroyers it does give an ideal scale. And 1/144 is quite impressive for the few subs and other surface types available as well. The old 1/125 or whatever scale it was Lindberg Fletcher class destroyer kit was something to see when it was done up right. Some of their other kits were in close scales too… minesweeper, LSU, etc. It would be nice to see a greater selection of the tin can navies in 1/200 or larger. Nichimo made some beautiful IJN 1/200 ships. I think the US Navy deserves the same from the pre war classes to the Gearings at least…

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A destroyer that was 18 to 20 inches long would be great. A nice Flecher class.


Revell makes a 1/144 Fletcher Class destroyer… for all the variety of fittings for that class over their service lives, 3D printing has much of what is needed.


Some good news: Trumpeter has announced two Fletchers in 1/200 scale, one “round bridge” and one “square bridge”. Hoping for a release date in the near future.

They’ve also announced a 1/200 scale Arleigh Burke.


Great news. I will be all over the Arleigh Burke.

Why stop at 1/144? Why wait for a kit? Scratch build is the way to go, then you can choose the ship and the scale. HMS Jackal, 1/72 scale


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