Wiesel 1 MELLS

After Germany spend all their TOW AT missiles, we decided to convert the Wiesel 1 to carry the MELLS missile a.k.a. IMI Spike.


This is tempting but I’m sure the shipping cost to the US would be horrible.

I just looked and the shipping quote was $15 something to Virginia USA. $87 all in.

A little pricey but it looks pretty good.

this may also come available from https://www.syllysminimodels.nl/ who does 3D print conversions for Wiesel.

Yes but this is 18 Euros with 29 Euros shipping to the US.

thats not the MELLS, through.

There is a chance that AFV Club will deal with this. Be patient.
I had the chance to fire a Spike missile some years ago. No comparision with MILAN or TOW.