Wiki Project conceptual test

So this is the wiki page obviously. We could port in some of this info here, but I would probably rather see this used for resources that scale modelers would primarily be looking for (that they can’t just easily find on that wiki page.

Things like:

  • First kit produced, by who, etc.
  • All kits produced by variant/scale
  • Best rated kits current available by brand/scale
  • Sherman field additions (sandbags, armor additions, etc).

I don’t want these topics to strictly turn into photo galleries either. Limited photos to show specific elements mentioned in the text is fine. If you add images they should be done in a consistent way and downsize them to at least the 1200 pixel wide variety.

I would like to see some template ideas from different members on what they think this wiki should look like, then we will adopt that style and reconfigure the others to match. You can go ahead and create your own starting topic on a subject of your choice.

And just in case this part is not obvious, Wiki topics can be created, modified/updated by anyone with trust level 2 status or higher. Which is about a couple hundred of us currently. Everyone at level 0 or 1 can still post replied in these topics, they just can’t make changes yet to the main wiki text. Or at least I am thinking that’s the way this works. :slight_smile:

Questions? Leave them below.


Something like what is in this thread?

Something like that yeah. Again not too picture heavy as that will just promote a long succession of added images by people thinking it’s a reference photo topic, etc.

Like this?
I made it when I wanted to make a list of tank kit offered with interior years ago ( Of course, as people predicted, I gave up after a while, too much work.
I also used to work on videogames wiki, maybe I could help.

Maybe? Oh and I think you can actually copy and paste table data into this forum as well.

Model number Rebox/old box number Model name Fighting compartment Driver compartment Suspension Engine Transmission Track
Initial release time Note Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Y/N Type
Commentary - - - - -
Y= yes (include)
N= no (not include)
?= I dont know for sure. Someone help me please
N/A= Feature not available

My sheet has a few pages, and it still needs to be reformat the table to make it clear, as your example is kind of messed up a bit.

Yeah it is. A bit. :smiley:

After the “debate” about the T-54-3 vs T-54B on the Armorama forums. Some people just wanted some info but the post became so heated… Since writing a formal wiki is long process, I decided to use a reference link to other people whom already made thing in similar fashion. I might become mr Frenchy 2.0…

My post is pending btw.

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