Wilder aqualine


Can anyone tell me where i can buy wilder aqualine products? I’m from eirope.Are they still producing? I know that a pandemic isnt helping much…


Do you mean these ones?

Andy :slight_smile:

Yes indeed! But everywhere sold out…

Well they are still going as thier Facebook page is still active.
These seem to have them in stock.

And here is the list of European stockists.

Andy :slight_smile:

Those stores only seem to have the Gunpowderline and the Nitroline in stock, very few bottles of any Aqualine products in stock in many of those shops if you actually look at them individually.

Last I knew Adam had shut down shipping due to covid, his page didn’t seem to have the same announcement when I just looked so perhaps he’s started shipping again, which is just speculation…

your best bet would to be contacting Adam directly and ask him, either through the contact info on his site or via other social media where he has a presence.

Thx for the help

No aqualine, it looks like its sold out everywhere, if did found some textured earth products, so i ordered those.