Wilder Texture earth and Wilder Aqualine

Hey all, I’ve bee searching for a while now for Wilder Textured earth and Wilder Aqualine I cant find anywhere with either in stock. (The Wilder website has the texured earth but I dont want to pay $19.90 for it…) Are there another places selling them that are in stock?
(I mainly want the dry earth tones for both of them.)
Anyone know of a site selling them?

I kind of gave up on wilder a bit into the pandemic because of supply issues. mmodelstore has some. if u drop them a note they’ll prolly have some insight about possible resupply.

Ok thanks Phil, I’ll post any response I get.

Did Wilders products come back in stock?

Impression using Wilders products?

No idea, I cant find the same Wilder website. :disappointed:
But everywhere else I look is still outta stock.

There are some other texture paints about. Tamiya do a few as does Games Workshop/Citadel. MIG AMMO also have a line of texture paints but I don’t think they call them paints. They come in big tubs and are acrylic based.

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Thats true! But is there an equivalent to Aqualine? Thats what I really wanna get my hands on :sob:

In the videos, it appears Aqualine is “better” than the other similar products. Definitely would like to know about it.

Mig do textured earth products that come in smaller bottles. I’ve used both mig and wilder textured earth products and found them comparable. This is in terms of use. Variety of products seems to be in wilders favour in terms of different grades of texture and colour. The other main difference being wilder are acrylics and mig

Mig do a washable line of paints as well. I recently bought the winter white wash for the exact reason that I couldn’t locate the wider aqua line in stock anywhere. Not yet used though, so unable to comment from a comparative view.

I know Adam is an accomplished member of our community and I have learned a lot from his build articles. He will probably read this and please note I rarely, if ever comment negatively on any product line. I am the first to make a positive recommendation when my user experience reflects that. I also note that Adam has provided excellent product support when I had a product issue. Finally, I while I don’t date my supplies, I do store all of them properly. OK that done…in my experience, I have yet to use one of his products successfully or effectively. I have invested in his products but will no longer. The Nitroline in particular has always been unusable when I opened the bottle. If there is a shelf life, just let me know prior to purchase? Just bought the Light Dust Weathering Oil…seems far too watery to me and the tube it is in doesn’t provide an easy method of mixing the elements? imho…so while testing today on my first Tiger build, the three W products I tried were all fails again imho. You can make your own assessment from my photos and I would love to hear that people use his products to great satisfaction. That has just not unfortunately been my repeated
experience…I would prefer to model than bash a product line but after much consideration I have to share, again, just my experience and opinions? Hopefully your mileage will differ?
I know that running a small business is a real accomplishment,
and we need all the vendors we can in our great hobby. My remarks here are more about the frustration of these products not creating a brand that I can make permanent in my tools.