Willys Jeep MB 80th Anniversary 1941-2021 | AutoModeler

Italeri have re-released thier 1/24th Willys Jeep in a boxing celebrating the jeeps 80th Anniversary.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://automodeler.com/news/willys-jeep-mb-80th-anniversary-1941-2021

I bought it for the SEABEES decals. As described in this review, it is the same old kit with the addition of ‘rubber’ tires and color paint and decal guide in the assembly instructions (see scalemates). Part #80 from Sprue-A is used in this kit, however.


Just an observation regarding clear part 107c. The photos I’ve googled show this as an empty hole in the canvas.

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Probably suppose to represent the clear plastic rear window

Part #108 is tooled to try and look like wrinkled canvas :face_with_monocle:

True that for the above kit. … But no clear plastic windows in all the reference photos I’ve seen.
Just sayin’…

Image borrowed from the web for reference only.

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yeah, I agree that it’s better not to use that part but leave it open or cut a piece of plastic from the kit shrink wrap or the sprue baggie