Windsor Newton Varnish advice/help sought

Hello Everyone,
I would like to pose a couple quick questions. I have been reading about how well Windsor and Newton Varnishes,Matt and Gloss, have worked for quite a few modelers as the sealing coats.
My questions are this:

  1. Do decal setting solutions interact, in a bad way, with the Windsor Newton Varnishes or even Acrylic varnishes in general?

  2. It is safe to weather, washes and such, over these acrylic varnishes correct?

Memory for me Is not the best and I probably have already learned this but cannot remember due to health reasons. So I am sorry to ask such simple questions.

Thank you all in advance for all the answers and advice.


Walter, I don’t know about reaction with decal solutions, nor about the gloss as I haven’t used it, but the matt varnish says that it is removable using white spirit or turpentine. So weathering over with other water based mediums sounds OK, but not solvent based.