Wingnut Wings decals

Bit of a rant here - my first time working with WnW decals . I am using kit supplied lozenge pattern for wing covering and am finding them very problematic and disappointing.
Firstly you can’t (according to instructions) use any decal solvent with them . They seem to lay down over softer details ok but not so on sharper detail and nor do they fold over on harder edges.
Secondly adhesion is terrible. I followed instructions by dipping them in water for only the briefest of time.
I tried fixing lifted areas and edges with white glue - works to a degree but ragged.
Lastly they bubble up here and there when over coated with Tamiya clear acrylic.
Perhaps their age has something to do with it as the kit has been in my stash for a few years.
I have a few other WnW kits and I fear that I will have to spend the money on Aviattic sets for them .
Unhappy guy here.

Yeah I found them a bit tricky on the Rumpler I started ages ago (really do need to finish it). I found a hair dryer helped to shrink the lozenge down over the stitching.