WIP: M1A2 SEP v2

It is coming out great. Very nice job on finishing. Where is the figure from?

Figures are from H3 models.I have the other figure as well but i had it off to the side primed

My attempt at another tree branch,this time with leaves.


1st backpack completed


Nice work!

The attempt has proven pretty successful then Ed… How did you do it ? They pre cut or self made ?and the pack paints ? Looks good :+1:

So what im using for paint is.
Mission models MMP-016 BASE color airbrushed on
Model color 70871 leather brown
Panzer ace 336 Africa tankcrew
Model color 70890 reflective green
Ak interactive ak11114 decktan
Ak interactive ak11418 brown black

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So this is what i use to make my branches

End result is this

Make them as big or small as needed i then painted each leaf green and lighten them with different shades


1 figure down 1 more to go.

Not happy with how this picture came out.will try again this week with hopefully a better shot.


He looks great.

Have you thought adding either figure to the figure campaign?


Started my 2nd figure today,im still in the process of painting it.But im happy so far.


Great looking figure Ed. :rofl:

Excellent work!!

Don’t know what’s with laughter face was probably supposed to be a thumbs up.

The figure painting is top notch. Looks very realistic from my screen.

That’s some of the best Multicam handpainted camouflage I’ve ever seen. :grinning:


Thank you for all the comments from this project!!

The second picture used to be my old division. 24th Infantry DIvision. 4-64th Armor Regiment (Tuskers).

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could it be the lighting or the color on the sides is close to the OD they used post WW2 ?

Knee deep in mud; the only way to go about your day as an M88 crewman. :+1: