WIP: M1A2 SEP v2

Just a little tease of my new project im working after a 6month break.Had no motivation until recently.Tell me what you think


Looks great, show us more ! I’m a sucker for anything Abrams related.

It’s going to be a very interesting Abrams.


Just a few more.


looking to be a great little Abrams build. Definitely interested in the your paint scheme so I’ll be following along.


Looks interesting… Which kit is it ? I have the RFM one still to build…will be following along :+1:

It’s the RFM V2 version.Lots more to do and some repainting of some parts I did that im not happy with.

Looks great to me, I will follow with interest!

The mismatched colors don’t look right to me. Is this a fictional future war tank? I ask this since the M1A2 SEP v2 is the latest version and all are pretty new-looking with one overall paint scheme; either sand or NATO camo. None have been used in combat, so none are that beat up.

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or the interim overall green shade used when 4 ID tanks were first deployed back to Germany in 2017.

Yes, the temporary, hand-painted green used when on Atlantic Resolve rotations in Europe.

Can you talk about your camo net?
I’m thinking of trying that.

Feeling Parts makes this type of camo net. The part number is FP-35.

The painting of the tank is nowhere near completed,I’m experimenting as of now what direction I’m going to go.Not sure if ill be going with an overall repaint of the green they have used during Atlantic resolve or sand color

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The camo netting is by Ak interactive.Soaked in water,formed and glued.Painted NATO colors

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Thank you, I’ll look for it

Thank you, I’ll check into it

Ok,here’s my decision on my color I was bouncing around with.Went with Green but with some details left in sand color.I thought adding some NATO camo on 2 skirts would help break up the overall plain green.


I still don’t think you would see this scheme. The tanks that are temporarily painted overall green are sand underneath. You won’t really see any tanks that are a mix of NATO camo and sand, esp. newer M1A2 SEP v2s. You will normally see either sand with green replacement parts, or NATO camo with green replacement parts.

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Thanks for all the feed back,ok so i’ll ditch the camo on the skirts,but i’m going to stick with a mix of the sand features I have done already,just like the look of it.But after looking at the NATO camo i did it just doesn’t look right.Thanks.This is the tank I’m loosely modeling