WIP MSD MK III Valentine X-XI kit (pearls to the pig)

Started working on a $20 MSD MK III Valentine X kit. It was missing a whole sprue so decided to 3D print the missing parts as I go. Hence giving pearls to the pig. A typical MSD kit with the horrible fit, lots of flash, and very confusing instructions. :smiley: This is turning out to be as stressful as 3D CAD work. :smiley:

The 3D printed wheels and spring suspensions added. Notice all that putty to mask the ugly sink marks.

Now onto the upper hull:

This is going to be another year-long project - only working on it when I need a time out from 3D print work… :smiley:
Thanks for looking.


You could just chuck this and go Tamiya…

Nah. I’m gonna finish this challenge. I have both Bronco and Tamiya kits - will save them for later or selling them. Haha



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With @SableLiger’s recommendation, I’ve bought and tried Mr. Hobby’s Dissolved putty on my MSD Valentine kit, and I like it (except for the toxic smell/fume being a lacquer based chemical). The viscosity was good, easy to apply, and dries quick. I have been using the water-based magic sculpt as gap fillers but this product certainly has some advantages in terms of a time saver.


After (was dry and hard after only about 10 mins)

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Yeah! Mr. Dissolved Putty is a stinker and itr is recommended to use a face mask and in a well-ventilated area. I dropped a couple steel balls in it to mix it and opened the lid for about 5 seconds and it nearly knocked me on my butt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad it worked out for you. I recently picked up all three bottles of Mr. Surfacer liquid primer (500,1000 and 1200) and will do a lot of testing on them for texturing hull castings.

Mr. Surfacer 1000.