WIP MSD MK III Valentine X-XI kit (pearls to the pig)

Started working on a $20 MSD MK III Valentine X kit. It was missing a whole sprue so decided to 3D print the missing parts as I go. Hence giving pearls to the pig. A typical MSD kit with the horrible fit, lots of flash, and very confusing instructions. :smiley: This is turning out to be as stressful as 3D CAD work. :smiley:

The 3D printed wheels and spring suspensions added. Notice all that putty to mask the ugly sink marks.

Now onto the upper hull:

This is going to be another year-long project - only working on it when I need a time out from 3D print workโ€ฆ :smiley:
Thanks for looking.


You could just chuck this and go Tamiyaโ€ฆ

Nah. Iโ€™m gonna finish this challenge. I have both Bronco and Tamiya kits - will save them for later or selling them. Haha



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