WIP Tamiya King Tiger

Or, ambush scheme take 2. This is my current WIP, I believe this was a 2002 boxing. I’ve used a metal barrel, metal tracks, PE engine screens, and MJ tool clamps. I think the Ammo crates were from Tank Workshop, I’ve had them for ~20 years.

Really stretching my finishing skills lately and this is my second ever attempt at the ambush scheme camo. I will finish markings as tank 204 from the box art, in a kinda dirty but relatively new vehicle.
I’m very pleased so far. I just got the OVE painted last night and gloss varnish (yes I’m one of Those guys) today. Not sure I won’t work on the tools and such some more, especially the cables. I’m not thrilled with those so far.


Nice camo. Nice rust on the exhaust. :+1: :+1:

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Completed photos, the lighting kinda sucks on some so the colors are too warm in a few of the photos but here it is.


This looks awesome!

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Well done!

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Looks great to me!

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I am very impressed with your OUTSTANDING model!!! Well done!


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Very nice

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Very nice indeed! How did you go about painting the exhausts? They are really impressive!

Thanks! I tried to follow Martin’s techniques from night shift. I didn’t do all of the steps.
Base paint mid grey
Stipple off white heavier near center
Stipple dark rust brown
Stipple vehicle color around top & bottom
Rust wash
Diluted rust wash stippled all over
Speckled light rust wash
Dark brown pin wash
Finish with soot pigment

Wow! That’s quite a process!!! But vertainly looks the part@!

I know! That’s why I didn’t do all the steps. I believe I skipped the overall rust wash and the light rust speckling.

I haven’t seen Martins article. I’m a tad puzzled about using base grey and some white. Although most preserved KTs have the exhausts painted black, in reality,from what i’ve seen of pics of real KTs it seems many were outshopped with exhausts painted in Dark Yellow?

As far as the dark yellow, think expediency in the paint shop. Quicker to do your base yellow and roll it. The only thing when time is pressing that you’ll give a care too will be vision blocks if they don’t have a movable cover. As far as the white base, I believe that some pot metal w high iron will under high heat get a white tinge before it gradually oxides. I know I’ve seen dingy white on old iron blocks and exhausts before but I’m pretty sure it’s a transitional stage on that metal. Of course I’m not metallurgist so I may be off base but it’s safe to assume exhaust pipes late war were probably this side of garbage scrap with your more quality material going into more mission critical parts.

Nice work

Yes, you’re probably right!