WIP - Tamiya M1A2 OIF Abrams 1/35

Hey folks! Sharing my most recent WIP - Tamiya M1A2 Abrams 1/35

I bought this kit around four years ago but I didn’t manage to finish it after losing a few parts. I recently decided to rescue this kit with extra parts from a trumpeter kit and just scratch building one of the missing small parts. Currently weathering her with oils and planning on adding stowage to the bustle rack. Also need to add soot to the rear exhaust and some oil stains. Thanks for looking!


It looks good to me. You could paint the front CIPs in a different shade of sand or even in buff to give more contrast.


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Thanks Olivier. I’ll try adding a layer of filter on the CIP.

As a side note: I appreciate you posting your Challenger 1 Mk.3 build in your blog a few years back. It was quite a useful reference for my own build :slight_smile:

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