WIP Voiio M1A2 SEP v2

I just Started work on my Voiio M1A2 SEP V.2 and lets say i was disappointed
I found 2 flaws with the kit so far the first flaw i found was the head guard is angled inward instead of outward see pic in the second pic you see a flaw with the turret yellow turret is RFM and the gray is Voiio that flaw with the turret reminds me of the old trumpeter M1A1 turret


Comparing one kit to another for accuracy is risky because you can easily make assumptions about the accuracy of the other kit.

Re: the headlight guards, there are two patterns. The Voiio ones look quite correct for an M1A2 against the references I have. The one Rye gives you are correct for an M1A1 but not for an M1A2.

Re: the turret, yes the angle in the Voiio kit is sharper. I’m not sure which is correct.

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Yes, the headlight guards are correct for an M1A2 since they were originally built on M1 hulls and kept the original straight light guards.


Any idea on the turret ?

The Rye Field one looks more correct, but as Systemic says, which is actually more correct, I don’t know.


If you hang enough gear on it you’ll never even notice it…lol