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New resin kit of an Italian Arisgator Tracked Amphibious Vehicle

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/wip3d-arisgator-tracked-amphibious-vehicle
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Looks interesting. How do you order and/or contact the manufacturer though?

It would be much more helpful if these Site-Content Discussion posts had some ort of contact info in them.

Google is your friend

Got it, I found them that way as well. Point is you shouldn’t have to go somewhere else to look for the info. It should be included so the post is complete.

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I usually add a link to the site only if they are selling directly their products, which is not the case here.

The old armorama site had a link to the vendor information with their website, but it is no longer possible as far as I know.

Honestly, I find weird to add the website of manufacturer to every news…

Any suggestion, @Test_Starkweather or others?

I find it helpful to have the link especially for a number of companies I have never heard of them before and would like to see or other products they might sell.