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New Dovunque 41 Truck at 1/35 and 1/72

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I have to ask because I don’t know anything about this company, when you buy one of their products do you buy a physical kit or software to print our a kit on your 3D printer?

It’s an actual kit. You can order direct from them in Italy or from BNA World from Australia. The description of the kit is as follows, This is a resin model kit, which comes unassembled and unpainted. So glue, model paints and other basic modelling tools are additionally required. I have not built one on their kits, but I have from others like Vargus Models, FC Model Trends and F&A Miniatures. If you haven’t worked with 3D printed kits before, they are similar to resin. Although finer parts can be a little more brittle and you may see printer lines, but they can make some nice models on some other wise unavailable subjects. Hope this helps.

Here is a video on YouTube showing a kit from WIP3D, Trattore pesante di artiglieria PAVESI TOLOTTI tipo B scala 1/35 WIP3D ~ unboxing - YouTube

thank you!

Ive looked for these products and on their website and at one of their distributors, BNA, there is a long list of products, but one problem. Very few are actually in production/for sale, and the great majority all say that they are coming soon or in progress. That seems to be a risky business plan to introduce scores of new kits that are not even available. I was going to get one but found out they don’t have them, so I think Ill do something else and see if the company is still around after a while, and if there are physical kits for sale. And maybe I’ll scape the idea of buying a 3D printed kit and go for a resin or plastic something else. 3d print ink is too new yet, and I’m tired of the strong point in a gate turns out to be located where you ruin the entire thing if you get it cut. Oh, I found out that you really need a hypersonic cutter, not a hobby knife to get these ink feed posts cut from the item you want to put together.

Yea, 3D prints can be hit or miss. They are usually limited and quality can vary in quality and consistency. I bought the Vargus Vickers 1 Tank, and although a good model and print, the machine guns were a little chunky. I guess not to be to fragile. I ended up designing and printing my own. The sonic knife can set you back around $200. The 3D models are very new. I usually find them best for certain parts of a model, were resin and plastic are to soft and oversized. If you like trucks and wheeled vehicles of the odd type than maybe Copper State and Mini-Art models might hold something for you. I just got the British B-Type Armored Lorry from Mini-Art and it looks like a gem. Maybe in 3 to 5 years 3D prints might be finer and better in quality. And maybe more affordable. Good luck with your adventures.

@Yankasippi As I like unusual subjects and early armor, I’ve completed 25 3D printed kits. I use a pair of Godhand Resin Nipper part number GH-RCN-120 for removing the 3D supports. It has incredibly sharp, hardened blades designed for resin and 3D prints. It cuts cleanly and has not dulled with use. Other nippers also work fine; but dull quickly. Some of the 3D model companies like Vargas Scale Models use very fine supports which can be removed quickly with a scalpel. Others use very thick supports which require the nipper, or a razor saw.