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New resin kit of an Oto Melara M56 105/14 Howitzer in 1/35 scale

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/wip3d-m56-105-14-howitzer
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Thanks for the news!
I checked the link hidden in one of the images and found a lot of interesting stuff:

One of them is an armoured truck based on the Lancia 3 RO,
this truck could also tow an armoured trailer to carry additional troops …

Yes Wip3D has lots of interesting stuff - the Italian tank trailers are fantastic subjects. If you don’t want to buy direct from them, Misterkit stocks most of their items.

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Australian and NZ ones in Vietnam (The Australian designation is L5 105mm Pack Howitzer)

It could even be carried inside a M113A1, thanks to the foldable trails


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Typical! Just when I’d laid in a stock from Mouse House last year when they decided to call it a day. However, a very useful model for those wishing to depict Royal Artillery weapons; I believe the Bundeswehr also used it with their mountain troops albeit with a modified muzzle brake. It was of course, used by countless others not just some of the NATO nations.

I remember these at the anuual Artillery firepower demonstrations when I was a boy back in the 60s.

I hope to try and model one as shown in this ancient Airfix Magazine cover:

However, given my current build rate it won’t be any time soon.

However, nice to see a model of this weapon available again.

Go well in a Falklands War dio also…

I was bemused to find that at some stage in its life with the British Army a 1T armoured truck was envisaged as the tractor/limber:

(filched from the www but I can’t remember where) - and one from Aden: