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New 1/35 Trattore Dovunque TP 50 from WIP3D

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I know it’s not articulated, but it looks like it could’ve been the ancestor of (or at least inspiration for) the Gama Goat.

Is this company one that sells files for 3D printers and or can you buy the kits somewhere? I went to their website and could not get anything to work to take me to different links. All I could see was a PDF file of their kits and downloaded that but no info I could use if I was going to try to buy a kit.

I would try this vendor on ebay.
Ships from Italy.
3D-printed isn’t cheap …
The Dardo kit is over $200 …


This vendor might also be able to supply these kits:

Maybe you could send an email and buy directly from wip3D

Their website lists some online shops:

I checked those,
Mister Kit and MDM Miniatures (an ebay shop) seems to have WIP3D kits

Modelland is empty, nobody there except ‘Buy this domain’
Terra Cielo Modellismo doesn’t list any WIP3D kits (they have 23 (twenty-three) 1/35 products) at all

Maxim seems to be in Japan and in Japanese (WIP3D : Hobby Modelbau Maxim, ホビーショップマキシム)
Unable to figure out if they have the items in stock or not

They appear to have 10 products from WIP3D, not this one but the 41, 51 and 51/52 are listed as sold out.

I just got a newsletter from
https://www.bnamodelworld.com/ in Australia
which listed WIP3D products.

If you are in the US then Italy and Australia are almost the same distance,
from Europe it’s on the other side of the planet

Additionally, they also sell directly. Send them an e-mail or contact on their website for more information:

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