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WIP 3D announces a conversion for the M113-based VCC-1 Camillino

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Looks great ! I keep this brand as a reference for modern italian army vehicle kits .

I saw this track participating in the 1988 Boeselager competition. It´s about time to build it now! Just wondering were to get this brand?

I saw this on the cover of the long defunct magazine “Armies & Weapons”:

Never thought I’d see a model of it; mind you, back then I wasn’t even sure if it was in service or coming into service. Just for the sake of it, I might have to track one down (like I need another kit).

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Their website lists a few online shops:

You can contact them also through e-mail or facebook.


I guess the vehicle pictured on the magazine cover is not a Camillino, it’s rather an early model of the AIFV. Check out the hull sides. On the Camillino, they’re “flat”, no rounded hedges…


In my ignorance - clearly self-evident, that the VCC was a sort of Italian progenitor of the AIFV; oops.

Only webstores in Italy and Japan for this brand.

I think I will purchase their VM90 Torpedo in 1:35 scale when it will be available.