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Coming soon, the new VM90 "Torpedo" from WIP3D, with decals for 13 different vehicles.

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Historica Productions made one a few years ago, but the brand is out of business for a long time, so very welcome release.

Pics of the model done available on the website of WIP3D.
Very disappointed, it seems parts of the model don’t fit well. (Doors ! :scream:)
There isn’t any weapon for the turret. (M2 and mount or MG42/59 and mount)
The quality of the casting doesn’t look good, a lot of air bubles on the roll bar cage and the seats. Warped parts, like the cab cover and the front bumper.
A significant gap between roll bars of the running boards and the underneath of the vehicle.
It’s a shame to have a so bad result.
I Hope Italeri will make a kit for this vehicle.