Wiring diagram/rear hull box interior for Panther I.R. suite?

anyone have any pics/info on the wiring ( internal) or what the inside of the rear hull box looked like for the the Panther with IR system?
( working on a full interior panther G and a what if? panther G with IR-faustus models’ 1946 turret )
thanks, this is only my second German subject, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Only pic I know of is this one

From this website:

This was a stowage box for the mounts, so I doubt any wiring is in there. I expect cables would be kept inside the vehicle like the sighting mechanism was as mentioned on the web page…

my thanks, i want to make it as accurate as possible but cant fine what was actually in the box nor how the wiring diagram worked for the interior!, again my thanks