Wishful thinking

I just wanted to say that with all the big scale models out or coming out in 1/32 scale, like all big bombers and jets in injection molded plastic, I wish someone would produce more Japanese aircraft like a Bal, Kate, Judy, Grace, Jill and so forth, maybe even a couple of twin engine bombers… And also the British Carrier aircraft and maybe even a Devastator too. How many more Stukas and 109’s must we endure??? And then there are the Italian aircraft too that need not be forgotten either.


Not just 1/32 either.
When Airfix did a new Wildcat, Zero and Kate, I expected more Pacific subjects to follow. Sadly not, just the usual suspects and reissued old junk. Although they did surprise us with the Beaufort.

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Come to think of sine they seem to be stuck on twin engined bombers, how about the B-26 Marauder too.

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Now you’re speaking my language!
I keep wishing for a new Liberator too.

I still think that we’ll see a new B24 from HKM down the road. I personally would love a 1/32 Rufe and a Pete followed by a Dave. I’d be all over them in spades!!!

Right now I hoping to see someone pick up the Kittyhawk molds a release the Kingfisher and P39 again!

Hobby boss makes a 1/32 B-24. Anybody have any experience with it?

I agree, Stephen, but it seems new releases from Airfix are restricted to 2~3 new tools per year now, and extracting as many re-issues of existing kits as possible.

Still, given the new 1/24 Spitfire IX’s proximity to 2019’s F6F Hellcat, maybe most of their resource has been tied up with that?

I can’t help but feel though, that most of their effort now is in 1/48 and they’ve given up trying to compete in 1/72 with the likes of Arma and Special Hobby…

I’ve been wondering why a new tool kit in 1/72 hasn’t been already released by Airfix? Given the number of operators, the potential for multiple boxings/target market is substantial… Wonder if it will be next on their schedule??? :thinking:

from what I hear, it’s very dismal

That’s the worrying trend I’m seeing with Airfix currently. They seem to be focused on reissuing old junk as ‘collectors’ items. And some of it has been junk. My reissued Heron had a hole in the fuselage! The lesson that that’s what got them into financial difficulties years ago seems to have been lost on the current owners. The current economic climate probably has a lot to do with that, but I do hope they have new projects ticking along in the background waiting for better times. They’re not the only ones though, neither Italeri or Revell announced much new for this year either. Italeri still have a lot from last year still to be released.
The other worrying thing I’ve noticed, is that besides from the usual suspects (Mustangs and Messerschmitts) they have a British only bias. There are very few foreign designs in the catalogue. In regards to Post-War jet’s, I’m struggling to think of any besides from the A-4 and Mig-17. Even the Phantom was the Spey engined version. When will we get a new F-4B/N?
While this has meant some interesting subjects have been newly tooled, far too many others are being neglected. Like the Liberator. Logically it should have followed their new B-17. A new and affordable Mirage IIIC in 1/72 is also high on my list.

Couldn’t agree more Stephen.

Someone, somewhere (can’t remember where) likened it to a white goods manufacturer or car maker re-releasing their 1960’s models onto today’s market and charging today’s prices…

But not wanting to make this about Airfix, I’m sure that others (Arma and Special) will step up to fill the gaps.

Arma just announced a new Ki-84 in 1/72 scale!

I recently got hold of Special Hobby Bf109 and Eduard’s F6F and Fw190 and all are exquisite! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can’t wait to add Arma’s Kits as well :relieved:

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That’s the thing! Take the 1/24 Harrier due for re-release with a Tamiya level price tag.

Arma are doing some great kits. As are lots of the Eastern European manufacturers. Can always rely on them to deliver cool stuff.

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Maybe this is a survival strategy to build up revenue in the new COVID and Ukraine War economy/world???