WNW decal question...is it better to

Good day fellow modellers. I am mid way through my first WW1 plane build using the WNW Hannover CI.II. Before I get to my question I would just like to say that these kits are extremely well designed. Stuff just goes together SO well. Almost like a Tamiya “shake and bake”…ALMOST…It’s a real shame they are OOP. So here is my question…

BEFORE you apply their wonderfully coloured lozenge decals to the wings they instruct you to paint the wings before hand not simply gloss coat over the plastic. Could I use Tamiya’s White Surface Primer with a gloss coat or do I need to use regular Tamiya gloss white (X-2) instead? In other words, would there be a HUGE difference, results wise, between using white gloss paint or white surface primer if they were both treated afterwards with a gloss coat?

Thanks a lot for your time and expertise.

I am midway through my first experience with WnW lozenge decals on the Albatros Dv a . I used Tamiya fine white primer from a rattle can and rubbed all out with 1500 grit sanding sponge .
I am very disappointed in the performance of the decals . Poor adhesion , lifting at edges and bubbling when overcoated with Tamiya clear acrylic. If I had it to do over I would use one of the sets from Aviattic . I don’t know if they offer one for the Hanover specifically.

I hope you have better luck than I.

Aviattic doesn’t produce a set specifically for the CL.II, so you’ll have to “Cut and Paste” (LITERALLY!) from their 5-color Loz sheets, but the result will be well worth the time & expense.