WnW DFW C.V Mid Production

My second foray into a WnW kit, was lucky enough to have a LHS get a shipment of their kits in after they shut down and I was able to snag one before they disappeared. Cockpit and engine first!


Looking great!

Thanks Ezra!

I’m loving it and looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks Michael! It will be a shame to close the fuselage up over all that cockpit detail.

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Looking really nice.
Going to be a real beauty when she’s done.

Thanks Stephen!

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Cockpit and surrounding framework look great. I have this kit in my stash so 'll be watching closely.

Thanks Charles! The level of detail and beautiful fit of these kits continues to impress me.

I know. Unfortunately by the time I got my first WnW kit the company had closed it’s doors and most of the kits were out of production. Looking forward to seeing your build progress. Please continue posting photos.

Meng is supposed to be rereleasing them.

Let’s hope so!

Fuselage buttoned up, very minimal filling needed.

Pilots MG08/15 and observers MG14 Parabellum. I crushed the cooling jacket a bit :frowning_face:


It’s a double edged sword. Meng pricing will be ridiculous imho.

I do like the wood work on the mg stock.

Good god man… that’s one steady hand and gorgeous wood work. WOW!

Thanks! Hopefully i can get back to this one and finish it off.

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Sure hope so. :slight_smile:

Gotta get motivated over Christmas break lol, its beena on the shelf for a while…

Will be good to see this one finished, Colin :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is where it sits right now, basically shelved it right prior to final assembly and rigging.