Wolf’s Den, Saint Nazaire France, 1945 by Suresh Nathan | Model Shipwrights


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My apologies to the Suresh for this taking so long to post. We have had some difficulties with finding staff for the older version of the site and this had been sitting unpublished for a while. However it was one of a great first group of articles for this site and I did spend a lot of time on it trying to format it how we wanted to move forward with this site. Nice work and thanks for submitting it! In future you should be able to submit work directly a lot more easily and quickly using the tools on this site.

And thanks for all the Facebook referrals! That created a minor problem that I didn’t foresee with our comment tie-in to our forums (every click was creating a duplicate topic). But I fixed it! :wink:


It was worth the wait!

Suresh, that is one stunning treatment of a frequently seen topic. Not only is the U-Boat in an interesting maintenance context in its bombproof pen, but there is cool lighting and even cutaways so we can see what’s going on inside the boat. Outstanding!