Wood burning kit

not sure where to put this, so i rolled the dice.

after seeing a Mattel Vac-u-Form machine (?) on the Buy & Sell forum, i was reminded of an earlier “make your parents crazy” craft tool i got for Christmas when i was about 6 or 7.

a woodburning pencil with interchangeable tips, 3 or 4 wooden plaques with designs inked on them to be traced with hot iron, and a few primary colors of water based paint to enhance my creation and elevate it to an artform!

if smell can evoke memories, the opposite is certainly hold true and i can still remember 65 years later how my eyes would burn and nose would run at the pungent smell of burning plywood on a rainy afternoon.

after about 15 minutes Dad would come in the kitchen (the table was multi function) and offer to play a few hands of cribbage to get the carnage stopped.

ah; the good old days!