Working with Eduard preprinted photo-etch cockpit parts

So what’s the best way to put these together? Glue the first layer to the plastic then the second layer of PE on top? Or build the PE laminate and then attach them to the plastic?

I used white glue for the PE parts that go on the side wall because my slow drying CA still dried too quickly and just made a hard layer that didn’t stick anything.

Any help here is VERY MUCH appreciated.

I tend to glue the first part to the plastic, then add the layers after. Makes holding it all a bit easier.
Andy :slight_smile:

First part of this video is useful Phil, using Gorilla glue: Tips and techniques: Making your instrument panels pop - YouTube

I tend to give the back, or none painted side of the photo etch fret a rub with some light grade emery paper. Carefully rub the whole sheet and not the individual parts. I find it provides a better key for the glue…

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Thanks guys!

Nice vid. I am putting flat varnish on the etch first per his suggestion. The gorilla glue looks interesting. I was thinking of using a drop of varnish on each lens after assembly but this looks easier.